T-Bird Trot Time!

Our T-Bird Trot is going to be EPIC this year!!!!!!! With the help of our friends at Funruntime.com, it’s going to be awesome! Daily character messages, parties for the classes that raise the most, fun prizes for the kids….

And most of all, an opportunity for the community to help AJ PTSA support our school community, children, and teachers by helping us to fund the amazing programs offered. If your child has had an art lesson at AJ, the PTSA has helped to broaden the horizons of your child. If you’ve been to Dance Man or Reptile Man, the PTSA has entertained you. If you’ve attended Skate Night or Carnival, PTSA has helped to brighten your day. We help to fund the school reading program, give grants to teachers, serve Popcorn once a month (for FREE this year), provide grants to the school to cover unexpected expenses and supplies that they need and use throughout the year. We offer after-school clubs, offset the cost of JA Biz Town and, this year, buy the 5th Grade T-shirts for Camp.

And none of this happens without your support….. If you need a child to support, reach out and let us know! Go to FB and search for #AJTbirdTrot to find the links for kids who’d like your support!!


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